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What if...
Case: Thermen Bussloo …you send custom offers to customers?


Become the wellness leader within digital

Guests expect personalised offers and communication in order to have a premium guest experience.

Thermen Bussloo is a premium wellness resort, with high standards of personalisation. Their challenge is that they have many different types of customers. How can they digitally communicate personal offers for every single customer type?


Gathering data is just the start, understanding data is the real challenge.


In order to better understand behavior of different customer types a DMP was integrated in all channels and connected to the booking data. Customer profiles were built over time.



Visualizing different behavior patterns in segments is a result on it’s own.


Green Orange started analysing several of these customer profiles. Finding correlations in behavior patterns between several customer profiles. Customer segments were created by clustering frequency of visits, spend, communication channels and travel time. 


By mapping the customer segments the big opportunities on how to grow which customer segments became clear. Together with partners specialized in e-mail marketing and online advertising we started to use this data to send custom offers to different segments. In order to proof that this level of personalisation results in better turn-over, we created dynamic content on the Thermen Bussloo website and A/B tested this content.



Initial results only scratch the surface of what personalisation can do for your business


The first results of dynamic content through boxes on the website as a prelude to personalized content show a +10% increase in conversions. This percentage meant a huge increase in turnover for Thermen Bussloo.
+10% increase in convertions
Sven Van Munster Data Analyst
Doreen Tijdhof Account

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