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What if...
Case: Leen Bakker …the sun could boost sales?


Inspire and convert garden lovers. Leen Bakker sells all kinds of garden furniture. Their lounge sets are mostly sold in spring. How can we upgrade this sales with an online activation?

What are the elements that influence a loungeset buying journey?


First we started collecting data. When and how do people search online for these sets? What keywords do they use? What are other main influences? What effect does the weather have on peoples behavior?

How do you organise your campaign when you let the sun decide when to kick off?


Data showed us that the number of hours of sunshine correlated with increased search and sales. If nice weather is coming up, people start to look for lounge sets and other related keywords.  We served dynamic content directly related to the weather, ranging from informative to inspiring. Flexible media buy was necessary in order to adapt to the sunshine. From banners to landing pages, email and social media. More sun meant more communication!

Optimising your media spend during the campaign is golden


By learning from the data and timing the content and channels better and better the media spend was used efficiently.
+40% Increase in Loungeset turn-over
Cariene Van Aart Client & Campaigns

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