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What if...
Case: Hampshire Hotels …...your website adapts to the visitor?


The most personal booking experience. Referring booking sites don't provide the best experience for Hampshire Hotels preferred customers.

Hotel bookers have no reason to show any loyalty while choosing a hotel.


We made extensive client profiles with available data from Hampshire Hotels. Reservations, website statistics, e-mail database and social data were examined, cleaned up and regrouped . Then we connected data with a 360 degrees client profile, so we knew exactly where someone was in his customer journey: orientating, converting or visiting the hotel.

A personalised experience adds to being a preferred destination.


Using dynamic content, we could exactly change the information for every person visiting. Adapting the information according to where someone was in his or her customer journey. So we could entice visitors to do an online booking at the Hampshire Hotels website.

Great results, given the short time period


An A/B test revealed conversion rate differences and booking value differences between people who experienced a personalised website and people who didn't.
+31% Higher reservation value per reservation (compared to control group)
Sven Van Munster Data Analyst
Vera Engelbertink Digital Strategy See Vera's blogposts

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