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Blogpost - June 20, 2017

A peek into the working life at Green Orange

I have now been working at Green Orange for 5 weeks. In this blog I give you an idea of what what Green Orange does, what my job is and what the business life is like.

Firstly, how did I end up at Green Orange? Well, in May I finished my board year and only in September I am going to start my master in machine learning. Hence, I was looking for a nice adventure where I could apply the skills I learned in ATLAS, but at the same time gain a lot of new knowledge and experience. And that is how I ended up at Green Orange, where I am now the “machine learning expert”.

Green Orange is a digital marketing company that grew enormously the last few years. It belongs to the Green Orange Holding, a group of innovative digital companies joining forces in the digital world. Part of this group are Datatrics, a start-up in data sience, Online Publisher, an expert in digital publications (folders), Brandcube, web application development and We::code, focussing on backend development and infrastructure. With all these forces combined Green Orange is able to deliver the best data centred solutions and projects for it’s clients.


So what am I doing all day? At the moment I am working on a project for Spotta, a large advertising platform in the Netherlands. They have advertising folders of loads of retailers on their website and their goal is to get as much traffic as possible to the websites of the retailers. In order to do so, Green Orange has implemented several features, such as making the products clickable and performing an analysis on how visitors read the folder. However, this is now all done by hand. My job is to automate these processes and that is quite a challenge. How can you recognize separate products including image and text? Is machine learning the best method for that or are there other more traditional methods that work better? If I have the product, how can I extract more information such as the discount percentage? But also, how can I make an interface such that the program I developed can be used by people with no programming experience? And what is exactly the end product we would like to have?


All questions that cannot be answered in one day, but which I like to think about. However, subject knowledge is not all I learn, I also learn more about working in a company. Green Orange is a very relaxed company with a good atmosphere, nobody wears a suit and we always lunch together. I get an insight in the steps of a project with a client and what they think digital marketing will look like in the future.


All in all, a great adventure. So I would encourage you all to go work at a company for a few months and Green Orange is a really good place to do that! Not only if you are into programming, they also like students with other backgrounds, such as business and communication science.


Based in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands Green Orange is located close to the University of Twente, from experience I can tell you that it is a nice bike ride. The philosophy on interns and working students here is that the employees of Green Orange don’t only want to use your talents in projects and solutions, but also learn from you. You are just as important as any other employee. Moreover, they are also open for international students.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities and how Green Orange work, don’t hesitate to contact them!




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