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What if...
Case: BP Fuel cards …you centralise data in every marketing project you do?


BP is known for their fuel stations. Now they faced a new challenge communicating about their new fuel cards for freelancers and fleet managers.

Getting a grip on the client's bottlenecks.


What are the main audiences and how do these audiences behave? What's the approach of the competition? By asking and answering these questions and reviewing the data we soon found out what the bottlenecks for BP were.

We took visitors on a totally different journey.


By setting goals on every part of the customer journey we were able to identify where we needed to improve. We arranged a totally new customer journey for every audience segment. That helped to communicate the right message at the right place for the right audience. We segmented advertising content, website content & e-mail content to serve customer segments.

Multi channel dashboard

Revenue growth numbers that put a smile on BP's face.


Growth rate varying from 15% to 26% online application growth every year since 2013
(with the same budget every year)
160% growth New BP Fuel Card customers 2013-2015
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Marije Ten Vergert Account International
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