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The Green Orange guide to digital success

An epic journey for brands…

It's an ever-changing digital landscape. So where do you go? How do you stay relevant?

We are your independent and loyal sherpa

Guiding you with a skilled, agile team and a network of leading specialists.

Together, we set out to reach your goals

We focus on customer insights for relevance and deploy smart strategies to create a pragmatic roadmap.

We create result-driven experiences

using adaptive technology to connect with your customers.

We use real-time data insights as our GPS

Together, we discover what your customers really want - and adapt along the way.

In other words, we always take you where you need to be.

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

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Green Orange is a 360° digital agency.

"We guide businesses in an ever-changing digital landscape by delivering clear strategies, creating ROI-driven experiences and mapping the way with data insights."

Our way of working

  1. 1. Strategy & planning

    We develop 360° digital strategies tailored to your resources and goals, ensuring effective and sustainable connections between you and your customers.

  2. 2. Creation & delivery

    We implement digital marketing for high-profile organisations. Our dedicated client teams create, manage and deliver international rollouts and campaigns.

  3. 3. Measurement & insight

    We monitor your efforts in real time. We help you to build a rich collection of data with customer behaviour, so that you understand them clearly and can adapt accordingly, for a better ROI.

Strategy & Planning

"We develop tailored strategies"

Stay future-proof

Brand strategy, digital, social or mobile strategy; staying relevant is what counts. We develop 360° strategies tailored to your resources and goals, ensuring effective and sustainable connections between you and your customers.

We put the consumer's behaviours and needs in the spotlight. We take you through a journey of creating personas, value propositions and the right mix of channels while getting all your stakeholders on board. The result is a pragmatic digital strategy and roadmap that keeps your business future-proof.

Creation & Delivery

"We create, manage and deliver"

Get the job done

We implement digital marketing for high-profile organisations. Our dedicated client teams create, manage and deliver international rollouts and campaigns.

We are independent and utilise our connections throughout a large network of specialists to get the best possible results every time. We absorb all the stress out of a project, to give you, the client, an easy night's sleep. With our seamless integration and constant communications, Green Orange will feel like an extension of your existing team.

Measurement & Insight

"We analyse and adapt"

Understand behaviour

Our eyes are always open, searching for signs of change. We monitor your efforts in real time and adapt for a better ROI.

We even help you to build a large collection of data with rich customer profiles, so that you understand their behaviour on a much deeper level. We realise that data is the new oil; with the correct concentration and filtration, data can provide priceless insights into the future.

Strategy & Planning 1
Creation & Delivery 2
Measurement & Insight 3

Areas of expertise

Things we do and love.
Our team is passionate and dedicated. They live and breathe digital. We thrive on this ever-changing environment, bringing together talent in these areas of expertise…

Digital strategy

We outline the journey in manageable steps, creating 360° digital strategies to cover your online, social and mobile business.

Creative & UX

We create functional beauty, and beautiful function. We deliver effective concepts and the best interactive designs for a user-friendly experience.

Content Marketing

Some call it digital storytelling. We call it 'getting your message out there in a relevant way'. We love to take care of your content strategy, management and creation.

E-mail & social CRM

We gather customer insights to keep our thinking relevant and real. And we enrich customer profiles by connecting e-mail, social and loyalty programme activities.

Insights & analytics

We cultivate innovation by monitoring every digital channel in real time. By observing consumers. And by constantly learning and adapting.

Mobile & tablet

We recognise your customers' needs for mobile, providing device independence with responsive design websites, native apps, hybrid apps and more.

Social media

We implement new platforms, manage content and make sure that webcare and community management become an integral part of your organisation.

Emerging platforms

New platforms are emerging all the time, and we keep our eye on the ball. Big data, the semantic web, the internet of things... Whatever it is, we're onto it.

Our work

Our work is broad and varied. We apply the latest technology to engage consumers in innovative ways. Check out the selection below for a few of our successes.


We are dedicated to forging long-term relationships with our clients. Here are some facts we are proud of.
Our clients are on every continent except
of our clients are B2B organisations
All our clients together count
340.000 employees
The CTO of our clients' emails is
higher than average
of our clients are multinationals
Over the last year we generated more than
Facebook fans
Brands we love working for:
BP, Siemens, Intratuin, Elsevier Universiteit Twente, Imtech, Leen Bakker, Ici Paris XL

Why Green Orange?

There are several reasons to choose an agency. We believe it's not only about the final results. It's also the journey and the people travelling with you. Read on and make your own decision.

We have dedicated client teams

We form a dedicated team for each client, combining all the specialisations they need. And we learn their business inside out, so that we become brothers in arms.

We're independent

With an extensive network of specialists around us, we are highly scalable and provide tailor-made solutions that are not dependent on particular technologies.

We take care of everything

We don't just manage individual projects, we look after the entire digital agenda from A to Z. Whatever the client needs of us, we provide it.

We don't care about winning awards

We focus on our clients, not our own glory. We give them a voice, rather than singing our praises.

We don't spring surprises

We understand budgets. We quote for our projects on a fixed-price basis, so that there are no surprises afterwards.

We're the nicest agency ever

Really! Don't believe us?
Drop by and play some table football with us!

People at Green Orange

The names & brains

Green Orange is not your average workplace. Ours is a young organisation, with an open culture. Sure, we work hard. We love to get the job done, and to get it done well. But we like to have fun on the way. If you want to hone your table football skills at the same time as

working with great people to develop cutting-edge solutions for lovely clients, this is the place to be. For VIP parking, make a bid to become our Foursquare mayor. And our parties are legendary!

Arnold Maskat
Cariene van Aart
Carlo Caunter
Carolien Leverink
Doreen Tijdhof
Leo Bekhuis
Lifan Shiu
Marieke Beld
Marije ten Vergert
Michiel Klingeman
Nienke Bruggeman
Thomas Morselt
Wouter Frigge
Jorieke Levink
Bastiaan Neurink
Eric Heijink

Arnold Maskat

Working at Green Orange since April 1st 2011. I was born and raised in Zoetermeer, but moved to Hengelo in 2009. Proud father to Joah and in love with my girlfriend Florentien. After three years of working with a mobile marketing company, I decided to take on a new challenge and move to Green Orange. Passions: Football, gadgets, cars and the developments in the mobile market.

Cariene van Aart

Born and raised in Rutten, and moved to Twente in 2003. Living together with my boyfriend Klaas in Enschede. After studying textile management at the Saxion Hogeschool and Consumer Psychology at the University of Twente, I came to work at Green Orange in August 2011. I like to spend some time with my family and friends, decorate our home, read books, enjoy good food and love to cook in my spare time.

Carlo Caunter

Raised in Oldenzaal with English roots. Father to Charlie and Sebastiaan, married to Marloes. Founder of Green Orange, Online Publisher and Football Meister. Couple of friends, many acquaintances. Passions: my family, Pearl Jam, my wife, digital, strategy.

Carolien Leverink

Born, raised and living together with Roel, Mart and Ella in Hengelo. Working at Green Orange since August 2008. Like to stay ahead with digital, social and mobile innovations and translate them into cool digital marketing concepts & projects for our (inter)national clients. Passionate about my two men and little girl, spending time with friends, sports like tennis, skiing and dancing, and decorating the home!

Doreen Tijdhof

Working at Green Orange since November 2011. Background experience in implementing and managing visual identities as part of brand management. Born, raised and living together with partner Jon and our sons Luuk & Ties in Oldenzaal. Passions: Jon & Luuk & Ties, music, singing, theatre, good food and drinks with family & friends and sports like tennis, skiing and aerobics.

Leo Bekhuis

Leo likes his kids Kees, Tobias and Kiki, his girlfriend Ilse, back buttons, concurrent process identifiers, playing pool, the web and strange wormholes.

Lifan Shiu

Born in Hong-Kong and living in the Netherlands since my 6th. Since 2007 I've been with Green Orange as a digital marketeer and I still enjoy coming to work everyday. I have great and fun colleagues, but it is also a nice challenge to work with international clients and to deal with difficult tasks our customers come up with. As relaxation I enjoy gaming, watching movies / TV series, playing pool, outdoor climbing (klettersteigen), taking city trips, shopping, going out for dinner, cooking.

Marieke Beld

Spider in it's web, at the office and at home. Love to combine my organisational skills with creativity for big clients. Living in Enschede, together with my boyfriend Laurens and our son Philip. Like: restyling and creating furniture or decorative items, cooking and running.

Marije ten Vergert

Working at Green Orange since March 2009. Background experience in sales, marketing and international business. Love to work within the challenges of large international organisations. Actively involved in music (playing keys) and tennis, and occasionally visiting a concert or the theatre. I like travelling (Mexico, France, Bulgaria, Thailand, Canada) and try to win a pub quiz once in a while...

Michiel Klingeman

Born ('76) and raised in Tubbergen, a small village in Twente, a few kilometers from Oldenzaal. Together with Carlo, I started Green Orange (and a few other companies) in 2005. I like to help brands on their digital journey. Don't expect mind blowing concepts from me.... My talent is to guide organisations to feasible results; getting things done! I used to play the electric guitar with friends in a band. From that background, I am into music like guitar virtuoso Steve Vai, an artist of it's own kind. I am in love with 4 girls: my wife Gaby and my 3 kids Hieke, Margje and Wiep. Watches are also a passion of mine.

Nienke Bruggeman

Born in Hengelo, raised in Oldenzaal. Living together with my (super)men Mike & Finn. After managing consumer events in Germany and Austria, now working around the corner and manage the office @GO. Love Mike, Finn, family, friends, cooking, good food & wine, Tuscany. You can only waste time, if you forget to enjoy!

Thomas Morselt

Thomas is a native “Tukker”. Raised in the small town of Borne, now living in Utrecht. Completed studies in Commercial Economics and Marketing Communications in Enschede. A sportsman with a passion for tennis and most other ballsports. Oh and skiing and diving. Likes vacations (who doesn't ..) and the Big Apple… Passions: (Digital) Marketing, Consumer behaviour and sports. Competences: Strategic forward thinking, making actionable plans & listening / analysing. Goals: The bigger the better.

Wouter Frigge

Digital native, spawned from Lara Croft and Leisure Suit Larry. Passionate about everything virtual. Likes to discover new paths to reach goals. Studied mash-ups of Art & Technology and Media & Culture. Focuses on Social Marketing, Data and Analytics. Loves discovering the good old physical world through travel. Drum Hero.

Jorieke Levink

Started as an office manager at Green Orange in April 2013, after six months of travelling on the other side of the world. I love to organise and manage tasks. Finding the best way that works for the company. I like to play volleybal and tennis, to watch a movie, to travel around the world and to have a good time with my friends. Just to enjoy life!

Bastiaan Neurink

Born and raised in a small town called Goor. Went for a social media quest to Rotterdam and now back in Twente for the next online adventure. I'm passionate about social- and digital media. Creating, maintaining and improving the interaction between brands and consumers. In my spare time I love to watch a movie or tv-series, having a drink with friends and of course travelling.

Eric Heijink

Born and raised in Heerenveen. Moved to Enschede to study Public Administration at Twente University and have stayed in Enschede since then. Started working as a Digital Marketeer at Green Orange in September 2014. Now living with my wife Ester and two daughters. Passions: building websites, researching local history and my WWII memorabilia collection.
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